Digging Deep & Branching Out in 2017!

Help us further our conservation work on Mount Tam with Sound Summit and launch the Roots & Branches Arts and Culture Series.

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Our mission at Roots & Branches is the conservation of natural resources, both physical and cultural. The broad arc of those efforts ranges from our work on Mount Tam and related environmental and educational projects to the preservation and evolution of artistic cultural traditions – musical, narrative, and beyond. Wherever possible, we aim to create intersections between the environment and the arts to their mutual benefit.

In 2015, our first year, we raised $40,000 for Mount Tamalpais State Park and allocated the funds to projects with tangible impact in fire prevention, water conservation and visitor services. In 2016, we were able to surpass our gift by 50%, making a grant of $60,000 to the mountain. In just our first two years, we've been able to donate $100,000 to Mount Tam.

In 2017, we're looking forward to raising more funds for and awareness of Mount Tam's needs via Sound Summit, and also to launching Roots & Branches, our eclectic regional performance series that focuses on the deep and enduring legacy of San Francisco Bay Area arts and culture – past, present, and future. We'll be pairing heritage and emerging artists and cultural figures in a unique program of performance, collaboration, conversation, and more.

To further enhance its value, the series will be filmed and recorded to create an ongoing cultural and educational resource. And we'll be targeting its proceeds to fund local cultural literacy, arts, and music programs that we hope will help inspire and develop the next groundbreaking generation of our regional legacy

Our goals and the wherewithal to reach them are inherently tied to community involvement and participation. We want our projects to resonate with our community both as an experience and as an outcome. We like the idea that good-deed doing can be as creative as it is productive. If you feel inspired to make a tax-deductible gift to Roots & Branches Conservancy and help us launch a dynamic and fruitful year ahead, we'd welcome and greatly appreciate your support.